Shaun Canon - SuperPop

With his recent music video for "My Turn" reaching 40 Million Views, Shaun Canon has exploded onto the music scene.  He has toured Europe and North America and performed with artists such as Brian McKnight, Lindsey Stirling, Janelle Monae, Greyson Chance and many others.  In February, 2016, Shaun Canon will release his new album, "SuperPop" which pushes the boundaries of the Nerd Pop genre. Featuring single and music video, "SuperLove", this album brings comics and pop music together to create a new combination of futuristic, epic and cinematic tones. Infusing lyrical themes of both fictional and real-life "superheroes", SuperPop views our ordinary world from the perspective of an extraordinary superhero. 

Shaun Canon was Nominated for an Emmy and recently raised and donated $300,000 to music programs in schools.  For booking and other inquiries, please email: