1. Echo Back to You
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“Echo Back to You”
Vs. 1
Years and mountains come between us
But it’s never far for me to return
And protect you from harm
When we almost died you stayed beside me
I had to let you go to live on your own
I tried to move on

You told me that you love me
I hope you meant it, too
If you love me, shout the words
And I’ll echo back to you

Can you live in the future
And change history
Every world’s full of danger
I need you here with me
Echo back to you
Echo back to you

Vs. 2
After weeks of restless dreaming
I had to find out if you were ok
Or better without me
I found you sick and slowly dying
I jumped to pull you back – bring you to life
So you could be mine

Pre-Chorus (repeated)
Chorus (repeated)

Every day without you was a day I wasn’t breathing
Every though about you was a thought of me believing
Somehow you would need me like the earth needs the moon
If you love me, shout the words and I’ll echo back to you
Come back to me

Chorus (repeated)
Echo back to you
Back to you